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Heavy Rain Review (PS3)

Until recently games have never been able to play out as if they were a real life story: there have been shallow little decisions to make at points, or none at all. Death or a little mess up could be rectified easily by pressing continue or restarting a check point. Enter Heavy Rain, Sony’s exclusive which is set to make every decision count, but will the consequences of your actions leave you satisfied?

Heavy Rain is all about the story, which is what really drives the game forward. The story unfolds via the lives of four different characters that are in the city where the Origami killer is running loose. Giving away any more than that will ruin this truly unique, immersing, dynamic and nail-biting storyline that’s delivered throughout the game.


While it may be an action/adventure game, Heavy Rain plays out in part third-person fashion, but primarily features real-time cut sequence. In this way players will be able to explore their environments but at the same time the Quick-Time Event action sequences add some intensity and tension to the gameplay. Another great aspect is that you will always find yourself taking part in the events in the story. Heavy Rain will require characters to do some ordinary tasks such as open cupboards, doors, place plates and cook. While this might not be enjoyed by all, it adds some fun and changes your perception about what gaming has to offer.

One of the most important aspects of the game is the ability to make decisions. These are far from the shallow moral choices previous games have given you. Central to the notion of decision making, is the idea that every decision that you make will affect the way in which you experience the game. This is tried and tested as our team gatherings found us sharing our different experiences at the same stage in the game. Your choices are important as they could help you along the way. The moral factor is so intense that you will find yourself trembling as you decide what to do next.

The control setup has had some mixed responses but overall it works well. Besides opening a door, nothing is completely straight forward. The game makes excellent use of the sixaxis controller as well as the other control features. The controls are intuitive and players will have to be speedy and precise with the button combinations. They also add some tension as you will find yourself running out of fingers to which you will A) force you to use your mouth or B) call a sibling to come assist.


There is no doubt that Heavy Rain is a truly phenomenal looking game. Its characters are beautifully modeled and the facial expressions are so real it can scare you from time to time. It portrays such a great and interesting atmosphere that you cannot help but be drawn into the world of the game.

Heavy Rain is a revolutionary title. It has certainly broken the stale moulds of gaming and brought something different for gamers; although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It has a superb storyline, thrilling gameplay and is the best looking game to date. Definately give Heavy Rain a try if you are looking for something different.

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