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5 Tips for Choosing the Medal for School Sports Team

Sports team in school, or college, or other community teams, should be getting medals after completion of every tournament, seasons, and matches. Participants, especially standout athletes deserve a memorable reward like a medal or award that they can keep for the lifetime. Medals and awards that kids and teenagers win keep them with themselves and feel motivated whenever they look at it. It keeps them motivated to perform their best in every stage of life. Therefore, it is essential to choose high-quality medals, trophies, and awards so they can remember your organization for the lifetime. However, there are budget constraints, but still, you can get the best one for your price with a few smart decisions and tips. Whether it is Marathon medal [เหรียญวิ่งมาราธอน, which are the term in Thai], football trophy, or academic appreciation. Here are a few things that will help you choose the best one for your students and participants to remember your organization or institution. These tips will help you choose the one that your students will love.

Make the Medals Colorful

Medals for the winners are typically expected to be gold, silver, and bronze. However, these are not only the colors you can represent in the medals. You can also make them colorful using graphics inside the metals like you can print pink graphics for girls and blue graphics for boys. You can choose the color code for the medals according to the school groups. You can also choose the graphics and color representing sports like black and white pattern for football, yellow for tennis. If you are choosing the medals for the pre-primary and primary school students, go with the attractive graphics so that they look appealing to kids.

Choose Unique Shapes for a medal

The Medal doesn’t have to be always a circle. You can choose some exciting shapes. Kids love fun designs that look interesting and colorful. You can pick a star or a badge shape, or the shape of the dog tag, etc. It is also useful when displaying the medals as the unique shape medal will stand out in the display case.

So these are the few tips to choose medals for your sports team

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