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Beating the Bookmaker in Betting: Is That Possible?

If you grew up with athletes or are your close friends today, why not use their information against the bookmaker? Insider information is a serious problem for bookmakers, and whole organizations are being created to solve it, for example, 메이저 사이트 Federbet. On the other hand, a little advice or knowledge of a person, which in the subject of some sporting events will not bring serious losses for the beeches, and will not make the player who made a knowingly winning bet suffer from remorse for a long time.

The main thing is not to turn this opportunity into something more, for example, into higher rates or sale of agreements. And remember that using insider information can hurt athletes, so don’t overuse it.

Get inspired by the legends of sports betting or learn from them to beat the bookmakers

Study the biographies of these people, highlight their best qualities and be inspired by them. This will help you understand that bookmakers are weaker than they seem, which means they can and should be beaten. Most likely, you will not be able to reach the same heights, but even 1 percent of their success is already big wins in sports betting. Get started now.

We think, after reading the article, you received enough information to answer the question “Is it possible to beat the 안전 놀이터 bookmaker?” By default, the bookmaker takes precedence over the player as he selects events, outcomes and odds. But using all these factors correctly, while maintaining patience and self-confidence, you will be able to turn sports betting into income.

On the contrary, the theses from this text can direct you on the right path and be ready for any deceit of the bookmaker. Read carefully!


Bookmakers are not in the mood to conduct their activities free of charge, although they participate in supporting sports and any charity events, their main goal remains profit. Huge profit. To get profit from the bets, bookmakers “sew” their margin into each coefficient. With the correct distribution of the bets of the players within the event and the timely corresponding adjustment of the odds, the office almost always remains in the black due to the margin.

In a single case, the margin will not affect the player’s condition in any way, if the player wins a bet of 5,000 dollars at odds of 1.9, then the profit will be 4,500 dollars, and with odds of 2 it would be 5,000 dollars.

At first glance, the difference seems insignificant, but with 20 such wins, the player will not receive 10,000 dollars, and if you add the same but losing bets to 20 winning bets with the same amount and odds, then it is for these 10,000 dollars that the player will be in the red!

This is the main problem of the betting distance, which is affected by the bookmaker’s margin, every minor shortfall in one bet turns into a serious shortfall at 50-100-1000 bets.

The bookmaker’s players are initially in a disadvantageous position against the bookmaker – they place bets with a clear advantage of the bookmaker equal to the margin.

Adjusting the coefficients

Above, we explained why the odds are unfavorable initially. But there is another problem with coefficients, they are prone to loading.

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