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How to Tell Authentic Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys from Fakes

When purchasing , you want to be able to tell which is a fake and which is an authentic jersey in order to make sure you are getting exactly what you paid for.

Ways to Spot Fakes

There are different ways to spot counterfeit and fake Philadelphia Flyers jerseys.

Check the Vendor: Check to make sure the jersey has the right vendor name. For the NHL, this means it’s made by Reebok. There should be labels on the jersey to begin with.

The Hologram: Every licensed NHL jersey is sold with a hologram on the hangtag. The hologram switches from the NHL to LNH when it’s rotated in the light.

Workmanship: You should be careful of any irregular markings on apparel or ripped tags. You may see threads or the crest isn’t on straight if it’s a fake jersey. If you flip a real jersey inside out then you will find the crest is sewn directly to the material using thousands of stitches. If the logos and numbers are just nylon sewn on then it could be a fake. Beige or white fabric on the back of the logo can also be a sign that it’s fake. The logo should feel smooth and not bubbly and thin. You may notice that the team colors may appear darker or lighter than an official jersey if it’s a fake.

Fabric: There will be a difference in the material and the texture between a real jersey and a fake jersey. With a counterfeit, the material is usually thinner. Fakes may often have thinner and shorter straps that aren’t quite centered.

Where You Buy: You should be careful about where you buy. The NHL recommends that you shop at legitimate retailers instead of getting items from flea markets, street vendors, or any questionable websites. If the deal is too good to be true then you should be careful.

Spell-Check: On a fake jersey, there can be spelling errors on the tag. Check carefully to see if you notice anything that could be suspicious.

What about Replica Jerseys?

Replica jerseys are designed for fans and engineered to duplicate the on-ice jerseys the teams wear. They are slimmer and lighter than the authentic jerseys with professionally stitched letters and numbers. There will be some differences between authentic and replica jerseys but if you are specifically looking for a replica jersey, many of the same rules still apply when trying to spot fakes. Replica jerseys still have hand-sewn letters and numbers and the placement follows specifications that are outlined by the NHL. The shoulder crest and team front feature a combination of twill appliqué and direct stitched embroidery. There will be a tag sewn into the lower left of the garment.

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