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Inflatable Slides and Houses  – Hours of Fun for Everyone


There was a time when it was just the lucky few who had parents that hired a bouncy castle for their birthday party. Come to today and as well as there is a lot more than just castles, you find them at all kinds of events, from summer BBQs to local events. They also do not have to just be for the young anymore, now you can rent an inflatable that adults and children alike can enjoy! Whatever your theme, whatever your child’s interests, from a fire truck bounce house to water slides, from an obstacle course to a basketball court, you can find something that offers hours of fun for everyone!

Wet and dry!

One of the most popular developments in inflatables are slide & blow up waterslides. You do not have to just have a dry inflatable, you can have wet ones too. Create the best atmosphere and have the ultimate gathering with your choices. Maybe you might even have both, something for those that want to stay dry, and something for those that want to slip-n-slide and cool off in the summer heat! With older children, they tend to love the activity and adventure or sporty type options. Younger kids are happy with some kind of themed bounce.

Everyone though loves a water slide! Nothing is as much fun as zooming down at high speeds thanks to that water. You can get them in all sizes, colors and themes and children can splash, play and scream to their heart’s content!

Safe fun

As long as you follow the guidelines when you set up your fire truck bounce house, and you make sure it is supervised by an adult, this is a safe activity for those who want to bounce, run, jump, climb, or slide! Make sure you check if its rental that it has no tears and that it meets the minimum safety requirements all inflatables should meet. Some easy and simple rules to follow include;

  • Supervision at all times
  • Stick to the limit if how many are allowed on at a time
  • Keep groups on the inflatable to a similar age range
  • Take off shoes
  • Re-hydrate often
  • No food or drink on the inflatable


Obstacles courses are one of the more popular dry inflatables, but slide & blow up waterslides are a great choice for warm and hot days. Even if you go with something basic though you will have kids laughing and having fun together, out in the fresh air, getting exercise, having a blast and making amazing memories. When you look for a company to rent from look into what previous clients have to say about their experience. Did they help with inflating and deflating, what were their rates like, was the rental in top condition? With a little research, you can find a trustworthy place and get a great deal.



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