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The important strategies in pickleball singles game

The pickleball singles is a more demanding game than the doubles. The singles game will test your power and fitness level more than the doubles game. To play a good pickleball single, the player may have to improve the stamina and try out the important game strategies. Now let use the key pickleball singles game strategies to lead the play.

The key strategies

The serving strategy

  • In the doubles pickleball game, the player can easily play a good serve. But in the pickleball Singles, it is important to use the service as a powerful weapon. In singles, the player needs to put on more effort to perform an effective serve.
  • The main serving pickle ball singles game strategies aim at the weak spot of the opponent. A strong serve with the right placement can help you win the game. Each serves matter in a pickleball single. After placing a great service, the player needs to be ready to defend the moves of the opponent.

Service returning strategy

In the pickleball singles, show off all your serve returning skills. If you can return the deep corner serves then you can easily hit any other service. Also, it is important to keep the opponent away from their strong points. So the best way to follow this strategy is to keep the opponent moving by placing spontaneous shots. Hit the places where the opponent can’t reach and return the serves effectively.

The simplicity strategy

  • In pickleball singles players have to stick to the simplicity strategy. Many players think that like the pickleball doubles the game can be played in a sophisticated manner. However, in pickleball, singles follow the fast play strategy rather than the fancy play.
  • The game needs to be busy. Also, the player has to try hard to take many cross-court shots. If you play it steadily, then the opponent will deliver hard shots. So, the main thing is not to settle or delay the game.

Middle line net strategy

  • In the pickleball singles, it is necessary to decide when to hit a shot near middle line nets. Be wise when going near to the net. Also, do not go near the middle line inconsistently as the opponent can easily take a shot that is hard to reach.


  • Tall players have more reach than the short players. So the short players may have to think twice before reaching the net as it gives the opponent ample time to hit the other side.

The passing shot strategy

You may have as many opportunities as an opponent to hit a passing shot. If you are good in court dimensions and angles, then hit a winning passing shot to lead in the game. If the opponent approaches the middle net, then be quick to hit a shot in their weak spot. For this, you may need consistent practice to hit shots inside the lines.

The third shot strategy

In the doubles pickleball game, the players depend on the third shot drop strategy. But, the pickleball singles require fast play so the player cannot depend more on their shot drives. Rather the player can try to focus more on the hard passing shots.


Whether a pickleball pro or a beginner, it is always complicated to understand the strategy of pickleball singles. But with sincere practice and through game strategies, one can win in the pickleball singles.

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