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The Right Choices in Football games and Enjoyment

The referee on the football field is easily distinguishable from other players. Its features include not only the form of a football referee, but also the attributes that are always at his fingertips whistle, flags, clocks and cards. The main requirement for the uniform of a football referee is presented in the color scheme it must be different from the teams entering the field. For neutrality, the referees often choose black, for which they received the nickname “people in black.” Also, the referee’s uniform in football includes low boots, not closing ankles and short shorts although there was a time when they went to the field in sweaters and pants.

The Football Whistles

The whistle of a football referee has an entertaining history of appearing on the field. It is believed that once a match was judged by a policeman. And he, at the time of the next brawl on the field, tamed the buoys in an ordinary way for himself blowing a whistle. The sound so overwhelmed the players that they froze and stopped the fight. This method is so impressive that in modern times, the whistle of a soccer referee has become an identifying sign of a stop in the game. With the NBA중계 broadcast you can perfectly find the smartest choices.

  • Since it is the judge’s responsibility to track the time, entering the court for him without hours is not possible. If earlier various types of clockwork were used, now a special device is provided a chronometer. This technological thing has two main modes of operation in the first, the time counts from 0 to 45 minutes, in the second in the reverse order from 45 to 0. And 5 minutes before the end of the second period, the chronometer gives sound signals about the end of the match.

Another of the innovations in the arsenal of the referee is present flags with the installed “beep” system. They introduce radio transmitters that allow you to instantly receive a signal to the head judge when raising the flag laterally.

The Element for Recognition

One of the recognizable elements of the game is the cards of a football referee. There are only two types of them yellow and red. Colors are selected by analogy with a traffic signal warning and restriction. This element of the referee’s equipment on the football field appeared relatively recently in 1970. Initially, they were made of cardboard, but due to bad weather they quickly became unusable, and now the cards are made of plastic. 

Not without funny cases with the use of this type of punishment. If you look from the side of the players, the player of the team scored, having received 4 cards in 1 game at once first two yellow, then red. But hiding behind the members of his team, he did not leave the field and continued to play, and during the next violation he earned a second red card. The Mexican Gonzalez has special “card” fame among the judges he has removed almost all the main players, substitutes and even coaches from the court. He managed to issue 26 cards.


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