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Tips to prepare for a long cycling holiday in Calpe

Are you looking for a long cycling holiday in Calpe? Well, you are not the only one who craves for a long cycling adventure in Calpe. Both individual cyclists and group cyclists jet off during the months of January and March to enjoy the scenic beauty, the warmth of spring and the long challenging European climbs. If you love to ride a bike, then you might be planning a cycling holiday since long with great expectations. What excites a rider even more is the thought of returning home with a well-toned body, improved fitness level following those beautiful days spent in the company of good people. You may also make good friends in the meanwhile. But, your excitement level may burst the moment you reach out to the place and return home burned out and exhausted. It is therefore important to take bike hire Calpe days before you set out on a cycling tour.

Cover some miles to train your body

Hire a bike from BERGANTY BIKES to train your body for the cycling holidays. If you do not prepare your body for the tour, your entire trip will be miserable. Covering a few miles each day on a two-wheeler weeks before the actual day of the cycling tour will make the trip more enjoyable. Know one thing that the cycling holiday involves longer days back to back. Simply extend the duration of the weekend ride and do a few double-days to help your body and make it ready for the cycling tour. This way, you will feel prepared psychologically.

What to expect from the cycling tour?

Whether you are moving alone or with the group of cyclists, you must certainly do a few rides on your own. Calculate the number of hours you ride. Are you hitting the pedals the entire day or splitting the time between pubs, bars, tourist attractions and biking. Be aware of the itinerary beforehand if you are on a guided tour.

Create a road map of the entire tour

Weeks before hitting the actual terrain, you must have a rough plan of the entire trip. If you are planning mountain climbs, when you are to attack them or when you are to ride the ascents. The last day of the trip must be a recovery day for you to hit the flat and easy grounds. However, you must be prepared to face the worst of climates.

Hire a bike and be ready

Nothing can be worse and more irritating than hearing the noisy pedals and ruining the descents by the tyres or the brakes not functioning properly. For an action-packed cycling tour, consider bike hire Mallorca weeks before the trip. Ride the bicycle and cover several miles to avoid bad occurrences. Make sure the brakes, the tyres and the gears are in the best working condition for the bike will see more wear and tear than the usual days. It is good to replace the cables and brake pads beforehand.

If it is a long ride, then nutrition and energy level is extremely important. Fuel correctly by properly eating and drinking.

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