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UEFA Euro 2020 Predictions: Who Will Win The European Championships?

The EUFA European Football Championship, most known as EUFA Euros, is an international competition participated by member countries of the Union European Football Associations. The tournament is conducted by the EUFA and is also the governing body that determines the champion of Europe. This tournament is similar to the FIFA World Cup, except it is for the best football teams in Europe than international teams.

As second in fame to the World Cup among international football tournaments, you can guarantee how big its fanbase is. In truth, it is the biggest and best club tournament around, regularly attracting hundreds of millions of viewers across the world. There is also never a shortage of bets in UEFA Euro 2020 Sportsbook as many sports fans love to place wagers on different teams as another form of entertainment with the chance of gaining money.

To participate in the Championship, each member nation of the EUFA has to pass the qualifying process. Fifteen countries have won the Championship at least once to date. Three titles for Germany and Spain and two for France. The Soviet Union, Netherlands, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Denmark, and Portugal won once.

Since its inception in 1960, it has always been held every four years. However, the exception was 2020, as the European Championship has to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many football fans and bettors have been waiting for its recommencement since then. 

Fortunately, after the long halt of betting activities, the EUFA announced the start and schedule of the Euro 2020 Championships. The semi-finals and final tournament will be held at Wembley Stadium, London. With the news, many football fans and bettors have started preparing for their betting activities. Such preparations include listing each contender’s strengths and weaknesses and betting on various Singapore sportsbooks online.

Read this infographic made by 88probettto learn some of the teams predicted to win the championships.


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