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What To Look For In Mens Volleyball Shoes

The sport of volleyball is physically demanding. Players need to jump high, move fast, and change directions constantly. They need a pair of shoes that can keep up. It’s great that athletic footwear technologies have been improving tremendously over the past decades. They are now able to boost performance while enhancing comfort and preventing injuries. Below are some of the most important features to look for when shopping for mens volleyball shoes:


Players need to gain as high of an elevation as they can get to go over the blockers and smash the ball onto the floor. Their shoes should not hinder them by pulling them down to the ground. Heavy shoes are particularly problematic near the end of the games when players are already tired and low on energy. It is much harder to jump high at this point. They need footwear that is as light as a feather. Advanced materials make this possible with light uppers and soles.


After exerting so much effort in every play, the athletes get tired and sweaty pretty fast. They need uniforms that can keep them cool or they will overheat and feel fatigued. Their level of play will drop. The fabrics have to be breathable and moisture-wicking. Even the shoes should have tiny holes that allow sweat to evaporate. These also let air flow inside to keep the feet dry and comfortable, reducing the possibility of blister development.


Players will have to chase the ball wherever it goes in an effort to prevent it from touching the floor. Sometimes they have to change their direction in a snap for coverage. Shoes that slip will not help them achieve their objective. They must have outsoles with excellent grip on the smooth indoor court surface. Special rubber is used for this purpose and not all sports shoes have them.


What goes up must come down. The impact on the joints and muscles can be devastating over time. Players can save their knees and feet by getting shoes with ample cushioning to reduce the impact during landing. While this will not completely eliminate impact forces, it can delay fatigue and help minimize join degradation. The amount of cushion will have to be balanced with the need for a light and responsive shoe.


Jumping, twisting, and pivoting all increase the chances of heel injury. Many get a sprain from playing volleyball. Wearing supporting shoes can decrease this possibility by keeping the vulnerable areas covered. Those who have sustained a heel sprain in the past are likely to have them again so they might want to use midcut mens volleyball shoes.


Lastly, buyers should be mindful of the quality of the materials and the durability of the construction. Get items from known brands with lots of positive reviews so you can have the confidence that you are getting good value for your money. The best ones can last for years without any tears or other issues so they are definitely worth the investment.

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