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Perhaps the West is ahead of a religion and does not know it.” Marc Augé thus concluded his article written at the time of a new phase of development of the great modern rituals engendered by the soccer. With NBA중계  live broadcasting you will have your solutions present now.

Was the analysis premonitory?

On the eve of the final phase of the World Cup in France, how to explain the particular success of this sport become global, if not by appealing to categories that go beyond the field of sport, even mass sports? The place that football holds in the lives of some people is also significant. More than a vague impression, a hypothesis can be proposed: at a particular stage of the development of our societies, especially European ones, the decline of churches and other places of production of meaning and social bond would be accompanied by, among others, the rise of phenomena such as the place taken by sports, football in mind, relayed massively by the media.

The rite of the football match

A precaution is necessary. All is not ritual. It is easy enough to abuse the concept. Christian Bromberger defines it by recalling that a certain number of conditions must be met: a break with the daily routine, a space and a time apart, a scenario that is repeated, words and gestures, a busy place by the different categories of participants. That’s essentially. No doubt, the football game is a kind of ritual.

  • Stadiums are reserved places, except for these sports ceremonies, big and small. Even in modest clubs, the training ground is often distinct from the “official” terrain. Entering a full stadium, we discover a very special atmosphere and a real ceremonial: warm-up players, welcoming the public, presentation teams, the party itself, finally the exit of the stadium.

The Options Throughout

Throughout a part, we see attitudes, gestures, objects to which a large part of the public confer a quasi-religious value. Or would it be more magic? Supporters apply ritual paintings on the face (the colors of the club). Songs rise from the stands, echoed by the choruses of the faithful, thrown by some kind of celebrants who turn their backs on the lawn. The latter even seem to lose interest in the game, as they are exclusively concerned with the animation of the ceremony that becomes the meeting. The songs, contrary to what one could imagine, offer a true diversity, “spontaneous songs” one says in the churches.

Those who are convinced, the faithful among the faithful, learn them without difficulty because they hear and repeat them. These choruses are chanted by men’s choirs, sometimes impressive in strength and conviction. The singers obviously take pleasure.

Last Words

These are encouragements, invocations, imprecations directed against the opposing team or the referees, sorts of songs of praise when the favorite team is about to win. At this moment, another collective gesture is aroused by the inveterate supporters. This is the famous “ola”, jubilant movement that sweeps the entire stadium. All this reveals strange similarities with magical-religious ceremonies. This rite of the football game that takes place in a specific place is now remarkably relayed. It is a community of spectators who participate in the event by not leaving their homes, fixed at fixed hours in front of their domestic altar: television.

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