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Want to Build a Community Playground? Avoid These Mistakes

When you plan and build a community playground, you should cover all the bases. A playground must be fun and safe as well as accommodate different ages and abilities. Inspire Play playground sets come with different pieces of equipment for a range of users. Buying sets can help you save more money than buying individual equipment. To ensure the success of your playground project, it is important to avoid making the following mistakes:

Picking the Wrong Size

Community playgrounds must accommodate the number of users you expect to use the equipment. If you have a small community, pick a smaller playground that can accommodate many families. However, playgrounds for elementary schools or community churches must be bigger.

Not Considering Older Children

Playgrounds are often designed for young children and kids with disabilities. However, you should also expect young teens to use the playground. Often, older children are sisters and brothers who want to get out of their house. They also need a safe place to play. To accommodate such needs, you consider investing in obstacle courses, interactive play equipment, and sports equipment. 

Not Setting a Budget for Everything

When it comes to playgrounds, you need to invest in many things apart from play equipment. You must consider park benches, shade structures, picnic tables, safety surfacing, installation, and freight. For the equipment, you will want to budget around $1, 000 per child. Installation costs can be anywhere from 25% to 35% of the equipment cost. To avoid surprises, ensure you budget for everything. 

Not Paying Attention to Safety Guidelines

The majority of people want to create a safe park; however, this is only possible when they work with the right playground supplier. Playground equipment must follow government and industry standards. Choose a supplier that provides this kind of equipment, along with liability insurance, and warranties. In addition, you should plan for regular equipment inspections and schedule routine maintenance on components. Lastly, pick certified playground surfacing to prevent injuries.

Not Hiring Professionals

When it comes to playground design and construction, you should consider hiring professional services instead of doing it yourself. A good supplier can help you look for the perfect playground equipment, design a suitable playground, and provide professional installation. 

If you are ready to plan your community playground, you must pick a supplier that provides turnkey solutions. They should be there each step of the way, making sure your playground meets all expectations. 

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