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Nursing Clothes: What You Should Know To Avoid Mistakes

Knowing more about the uniform for nursing and the team of caregivers is essential, especially for those who work or intend to start a career in this area of ​​health. This concern is that clothing and body care, such as haircut, nail size, and use of makeup, for example, directly influence the image transmitted by the professional.

Clothing, in addition to generating confidence in the patient receiving care, is also considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the bodies that regulate health professions, aiming to avoid possible errors and accidents in the work environment.

This text shows why healthcare professionals should wear to work an appropriate uniform for each function with that in mind. We will also present some clothes that should be used by the team in hospitals, clinics, and long-stay institutions. Do you want to deepen your knowledge on the subject? So, keep reading the content and ask your questions!

What Is The Importance Of The Nursing Uniform?

Hospitals and medical clinics, which are the primary environments in which the nursing team — composed of nurses, nursing technicians, and nursing assistants — and caregivers work, demand a lot of caution and specific knowledge from employees to contain the transmission of diseases and possible work accidents.

Therefore, it is essential to follow the regulatory standards and be attentive to the scientific community’s recommendations concerning the use of clothing and PPE suitable for this work environment. The aim is to protect employees’ health and not put the lives of patients and society at risk.


Nails are essential for protecting the ends of the fingers and helping to pick up delicate objects such as needles. However, this region is highly exposed to the action of fungi, which the hospital or medical clinic environment can drive.

Therefore, the recommendation is that nursing professionals keep their nails short and clean. However, the use of enamel is optional, but it is known that the product can strengthen this body structure formed by keratin. The issue of enamel coloring falls under the same criteria as the makeup item.

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